How To Buy Jewelry Online

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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Online shopping is nothing new these days. Nevertheless, with more expensive items we sometimes hesitate, wondering if it isn’t better to look at them and touch them in person first. If you are considering buying jewelry online, we’ve put together some key recommendations for you to consider first. If you follow them, you won’t need to worry about buying jewelry online.

1. Find a trusted jeweler

Finding a trustworthy jewelry store is the first step to a successful purchase. But what’s the best way to do this? Search for reviews of the store online. You will learn much more about an online jewelry store than just whether those gold earrings you’re interested in will live up to their stated specifications. You’ll find out too if the store also gives advice, whether communicating with them is easy and how fast the shipping was.

2. Ask to see real photos of the products

It is important to see the real product in professional photos, not just a visualization of it otherwise the jewelry could disappoint you. The exception is of course if you for instance have an engagement ring custom made. In that case, by the very fact of it being a custom piece, it is of course impossible to see a photo in advance of something that will exist only as a unique, one-off piece.

3. Find out if the seller provides a certificate of authenticity

Another guarantee of good quality can be a certificate of authenticity, which most reputable jewelers automatically provide with all their products. In addition, when it comes to gold and silver jewelry, you can check the hallmark on it as soon as you receive it – with us, from a certain (relatively low) weight, a hallmark is mandatory and comes in a standardized format. For silver, the designation of 925 is used most often, while for 14 karat gold it is 585, and for 18 karat gold, it’s 750.

4. Check if the size and dimensions of the jewelry are what you’re after

Once you have selected your jewelry, it’s a good idea to once again check its size. This will be particularly important with rings and bracelets to ensure that the jewelry will fit you well. The size of any stone or pendant or the length of a chain is important and should match your expectations.

5. Check for free returns and exchanges of the jewelry

What you definitely shouldn’t forget about is checking that the seller allows easy returns and exchanges of the jewelry if you aren’t satisfied or don’t like it and that they offer an acceptably long period of time for you to do this (such as 60 days). A reputable jeweler has nothing to lose by offering this but for customers, it will confirm that this is a store that they want to shop in since if their purchase doesn’t work out, it can easily be fixed.

6. Check the shipping options and timeframes

For the most part, jewelry is not exactly a cheap purchase and many retailers are of course aware of this. That’s why there are many of them who meet the needs of their customers and provide free shipping with their jewelry. It may not be a deciding factor in a purchase, but if you find an online store that does, you’ll no doubt be pleased.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning one example of a good online jewelry store – the KLENOTA jewelry studio is a Czech brand that respects tradition and at the same time keeps up with the times. The message from the experts at Klenota is: “When it comes to our customers, we provide the convenience of an online environment along with a personal touch. The internet gives us and our customers greater freedom and flexibility. We can provide all the customer service and support that customers require online.”

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