How to Choose the Right Pair of Cowboy Boots

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Last Updated: Nov 25, 2019

If you’ve walked into a Western wear store before, you know how overwhelming the experience can be. Buying a pair of cowboy boots is typically a costly purchase, and you want to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Learn ways you can select the right pair of cowboy boots for your needs.

Consider the Types of Material

The fit of the boot material is what will determine how often you wear your boots. If you don’t like how they feel, you won’t want to wear them. If you plan on wearing them often, for a long time, consider exotic materials such as crocodile, stingray, or ostrich.

Cowhide is ideal for those who wear cowboy boots casually. Some cowboy boots come with steel toes and rubber soles for laborers. Decide why you want to wear them and find a pair that suits your lifestyle.

Since different types of leather exist, you want to know which type works best for your feet. For example, ostrich and goat cowboy boots are softer and easier to break in while caiman boots are tough and durable.

Choose Them for Fashion or Function

If you’re buying boots for work, you should take a different approach than if you are buying a pair to wear for a night out in Nashville. Style and small embellishments are detailed on cowboy boots, and no two pairs of boots are alike. Some boots are flashy and have glitter covering them while some are crafted with basic, tan crocodile hide.

Keep in Mind Seasonal Wear and Tear

You can buy different boots for different seasons. For hot summer days, boots with cooling mesh for ventilation are best. For the winter, knee-high, heavy boots might be better.

The weather can alter what you plan on wearing with your boots. Do you plan on wearing dresses to show them off or jeans that will cover them up? Maybe you will need two separate pairs of boots, one pair for each season.

Customize the Fit

When picking out cowboy boots, focus on the terms heel, toe, and shaft.

Lower heels are useful for everyday wear. A slight heel or slight arch support is useful for riding horseback. Large heels could be enticing for a night out on the town.

After you decide which heel you prefer, try on boots with different styles of toe tips.

Some boots have more rounded toe points while others have square tips. Choosing this feature is a completely personal preference. Once you’ve decided on the heel and toe, find boots that fit your calves.

Shaft height is also a matter of personal preference, but it can be brought back to a seasonal decision. The higher the boots on your legs, the warmer your legs will be.

When considering shaft height, pay attention to how tight the shaft gets on your calf. You don’t want it to be too snug on your leg.

Choosing the right pair of cowboy boots is fun. When making your purchase, buy something that you will love forever. Find a pair you enjoy and rock them with confidence.

Image via Flickr by heatheronhertravels

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