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Have you ever slipped your feet into a lovely pair of handmade crochet slippers? If not, then you are completely missing out!

Crochet shoe slippers are not only cute and adorable, but they are also customizable depending on your size, taste, and color preferences. What’s even better is that with practice, you can learn to whip a pair up within minutes!

Since these slippers are often seen sported by little children or babies, the steps taught here will help you on how to crochet baby slippers. However, crochet slipper patterns also look good on adults, male and female alike (although a men’s crochet slippers pattern is less common, but they’re much more simple). In this tutorial, you will learn a way on how to crochet slippers for adults and children alike. Many quick and easy crochet patterns are also available in books or online.

If you have some time to spare, it’s always worthwhile to learn how to crochet slippers to make the best gifts for your family and friends. Check out these step by step instructions on how to crochet slippers in one hour and some of the easiest, quickest, and most famous patterns!

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Step by Step procedure to create crochet slippers

Step 1. Learn some common abbreviations.
In many tutorials on how to crochet slippers, different terms and abbreviations are used.

However, since this tutorial on how to crochet slippers for beginners, we will still use the complete terms for easier understanding. Abbreviations are easier to follow once you get the hang of the craft.

Step 2. Gather your materials.
Here are the materials you will need for this how to crochet slippers step by step tutorial:

  • Different colors of worsted-weight yarn (The best brands include Bernat and Lion Brand yarns) or DK yarns (ideal brands include Lion Brand, Cloudborn, Bernat, Rowan, and Patons)
  • Some eyelash yarns or other novelty yarns for edges, designs, and accents
  • Hooks (anything from 4.50 to 5.50 mm)
  • Yarn needles

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Step 3.Start stitching on the heels.
This tutorial is for making simple crochet slippers. The next thing to do on how to crochet slippers step by step is to start a chain from the heels. Hold two strands of yarn and create a chain of 13 to begin stitching. This will ensure that your slippers will be durable and strong.

Do not connect the ends of the chain to create a ring since this will create a hole at the bottom of the slipper. You will work around this starting chain for the slipper’s heel.

Step 4. Skip a stitch and single crochet.
Next, skip a stitch and make single crochet all the chains on one side. Loop this around toward the other side and use more single crochet until you reach the end. The result should be a “U” shape with a total of 24 single crochet stitches. This can also be a step in tutorials on how to crochet slippers socks.

Step 5. Single crochet some more around the “U” shape.
Once you reach the starting point of the chain, add another chain for the turning chain to give some slack for beginning a new row.

Next, double back and single crochet into each of the stitches you have made previously, working in the direction opposite your first round. This is a crucial step in making easy crochet slippers.

Step 6. Keep stitching.
Repeat the process of chaining one and single crocheting every time you reach the other side of the “U”. Do this until the piece you have is large enough to cover your heel and about half of your foot. Work from 12 to 16 rows depending on your target shoe size to make easy crochet slippers for adults.

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Step 7. Chain 4 and connect the sides using slip stitches.
Once you get a size that can cover your foot from heel to arch, connect the sides using a slip stitch and start to work on the toe

Close the gap in the heel by completing one round of “U” shape and then chaining 4 stitches extending on the top of it. Insert your hook into the first stitch on the other side of the “U” and pull your yarn over and through both stitches to create a slip stitch.

You can adjust the number and size of the chain depending on the foot size, adding to make it looser, and subtracting to tighten the fit.

Step 8. Single crochet the round.
Once the sides are connected with a chain, you can start single crocheting into each stitch in the round, including the stitches from the chain covering the ankle area and from the last row you made.

Use a stitch marker on your first stitch to help you keep track of how many rounds you are making and make it easier for you to finish.

Step 9. More single crocheting.
Continue single crocheting for multiple rounds until you reach the area where the toes will be. Measure your work after each round to know if you’re getting close to the proper size.

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Step 10. Make the toe closure.
Once the slipper is long enough to cover most of your foot except the toes, you can now start single crocheting two for the last few rounds. You can adjust the number of decreased last rounds depending on how snug or loose you want the slipper to be on the toes.

When you feel good about the fit, close the toes off.

Step 11. Closing off the slipper’s toe.
Once the fit is right, pull out the loop on the last single crochet stitch. Cut it but leave a few inches of yarn extending from the stitch. Thread this yarn through a tapestry or yarn needle to start closing off the toe. Go over the same area several times to reinforce the closure.

Step 12. Securing the stitches.
After finishing closing the toe, cut the yarn leaving a few inches from the last stitch. Tie it off through this stitch to secure the slipper. Cut any excess yarn or hide it by tucking it into the slipper. Repeat from step 3 to create the other pair.

Step 13. Embellish your slipper.
Lastly, you can use different objects like buttons, crocheted flowers, ribbons, pompoms, or other handmade designs to embellish or decorate your slipper. You can also use special novelty yarns and loop stitches or other ornamental stitches to create patterns or designs. You can skip this part for to make quick crochet slippers.

Take note also that you may need to adjust when making crochet mens slippers.

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Crochet Slipper Patterns

Listed below are easy crochet slippers free patterns to give you more ideas on what else you can create and how to crochet slippers for different people.

Flip Flop Crochet Slippers


Do you think crochet slippers are only for the cold months? Of course not! Flip flop crochet slipper features beautiful crochet patterns and colors without being too restrictive or too warm. These slippers are perfect for summer!

Flower Crochet Slippers

Flowers are a popular embellishment options for many crochet creations, especially for adorable crochet toddler slippers. These crocheted flower patterns are both adorable and pretty enough to complete your outfit!

Crazy Monster Eyes Slippers


Suitable for both ladies’ and men’s crochet slippers, this pattern features large, bulging monster eyes to make it more fun and appealing. This is also a great idea for crochet kids slippers.

Felted Crochet Slippers


Tired of the plain old crochet textures? Use felted yarns to create crochet womens slippers! These are refreshing twists to the classic crocheting styles but are just as beautiful.

Multi Color Granny Slippers


Love some pop of color? Make slipper patterns using different yarn colors to make the most vibrant and colorful designs!

A Fabulous Pair of Crochet Slippers


You can use this crochet ballet slippers free pattern as an inspiration for your crocheted slippers. The end result? Creative and fabulous footwear!

Orange and Blue Crochet Slippers


Feeling bright and bubbly? Combine the cool color of deep blue with fiery orange to create a bold statement with your crochet house slippers!

Loop Stitch Crochet Slippers Pattern


In for a new style of crochet adult slippers? Explore your talent by trying to make loop stitches for a different texture and overall effect!

Cabled Slipper Boots


Learning how to crochet slippers boots? You can also try cabled slipper boots patterns to amp your creations up a little bit. These are not only warm and cozy but stylish as well!


There are many ways on how to crochet slippers in one hour. However, how long it takes to finish a pair of crochet slippers will ultimately depend on your skill set, materials, and your chosen pattern.

So, keep practicing in order to improve and who knows, you might even learn to make a pair of crochet slippers in under an hour in the future!

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