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How to Cure your Game of Thrones Hangover

After a week, you still anticipate Sunday nights only to remember that Game of Thrones season four has ended and winter is yet to come for the next ten months.

If you still long for medieval settings, gripping story lines, wonderful character development, unexpected plot twists, and lustful scenes, there are several books you should read to quench that thirst.

Here are some of the books you could read while waiting for the GoT season 5:

  1. The Lord of the Rings. You probably started watching Game of Thrones because you had a Lord of the Rings hangover too after “The Return of the King.” It is easy to see that JRR Tolkien’s trilogy is one of George RR Martin’s inspirations. Now if you read this after a GoT hangover, you have come to a full circle.
  2. The Outlander. Diana Gabaldon’s book will bring you those ancient UK landscape, scheming characters, warfare, and of course, sex. Plus, there will be a TV series adaptation for this book which will be released later this summer.
  3. Graceling and Fire. This is a series of books by Kristen Cashore. Among the three books, it is best to read this one. It is a story that focuses on an upheaval with a wonderful back story told along the story. If Arya Stark is the only protagonist in GoT, it would be just like this book.
  4. The President’s Vampire. Christopher Farnsworth’s vampire series would be far from that of Twilight – so relax. It is about political intrigue set in the present day White House. It is also filled with unexpected plot twist that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat.
  5. Omens. Your love and hate relationship with the Lannisters is because of how exciting they scheme, especially Tyrion. If you miss that aspect of GoT, then you have to read Kelley Armstrong’s contemporary story about the supernatural that lurks beyond.

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