How to decorate a house with no money | 7 simple tips

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Home & décor-these are two things that will certainly break the bank. There is no denying the fact that decorating your home will require lots of money. After all, home decors are expensive. That is why many people think that there is no way that they can be able to decorate their house if they have no money.

Well, times have changed, my friend. These days, there already plenty of ways on how to decorate a house with no money. Yes, you read that right! All you need is creativity and resourcefulness to turn your traditional home deco into something new without shelling out hundreds of dollars.

Want to know how? Here are some tips!

Paper Decor for walls

paper art for wall decoration

The decors and color of your wall can set the mood in the entire room so if you wish to change its look in an instant; a paper wall décor is the best home décor accessories that you should go for.

Creating these decors may take much of your time, but they are affordable and can certainly add an interesting touch to your home.

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Make your Bookshelves organized

bookshelf organization

If you are looking for cheap home accessories because you are on a tight budget, you will be surprised to know that your house is already filled with all the home accessories that you need and they are for free! I am talking about the books on your bookshelves!

We know that books are for reading but with a few creative touches, you can turn them into amazing home decors as well! If you have bookshelves at home, you can simply change the way it looks by organizing the books in it.

If there are plenty of spaces on your bookshelf, you can try grouping books of the same sizes together and place them all throughout the shelf. You can put some horizontally and others vertically to create a dramatic effect. In the spaces between the groups of the book, you can add a few accent pieces that can make the décor stand out.

If your bookshelves are all filled up, and there are no spaces to move around, the best thing that you can do is to flip your books instead of displaying their spines. In this way, the entire bookshelf will just show the pages of the books, making it one neutral background that you can play with.

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Dress Up a Dresser With Ribbons

If you are looking decorative items that will not cost you much, ribbons are your best bet. In fact, this may not cost you at all because for sure, you were able to save plenty of ribbons from the last holiday season. Am I right? Of course, I am!

Well, it is about time that you put those ribbons to good use. If you wish to spice up the dull and boring look of your child’s bedroom, you can just simply try the ribbons (they do not have to be matching!) around the knobs of the dresser. It can certainly add a touch of color to that room.

Try this and be amazed at how a simple dresser can become a luxury home décor with just the addition of ribbons!

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Stick a Plant Inside a (Non-Working) Fireplace

stick a plant inside a (non-working) fireplace

A fireplace is a traditional living room décor but if it not working, then it could just simply detract from the beauty of your home. If you have a non-working fireplace or you wish to turn your fireplace into a beautiful centerpiece in your living room during the hot, summer days, there is one thing that you need to do-stick a plant inside it.

These is one of the most affordable living room decor ideas that you can try. The addition of a plant can certainly brighten up your living room and conceal the black hole that is your fireplace. Since we are talking about placing it indoors, opt for a plant that will not require lots of sunlight. Two of the best options that you have are a Song of India or a fern.

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Hang Photos and Artwork on One Wall

Hang Photos On Wall

A lot of us are willing to shell out huge amounts of money to buy beautiful home décor. But did you know that the best home decors do not cost much? I am talking about your family pictures and your children’s artworks and hanging them up is the best way on how to decorate a house with no money.

But instead of hanging them in the different places of your home, place them in just one wall so that it can have more impact to the way your house looks.

Before putting them up in the wall, arrange them in the floor first so you can have a sense on how they will look like when they are on the wall.

Home decor with printables

If you think that hanging pictures are a bit too cheesy (or if you wish to place your pictures in a more private part of your home), one cool home décor for your living room that you can try is free printables, such as motivational quotes, simple watercolor paintings, and many more.

Just search for them online (they are free, don’t worry!), print them, frame them and hang them in your wall and you are good to go!

Turn Salt and Pepper Shakers Into Bud Vases

turn salt and pepper shakers into bud vases

I know that these shakers are kitchen tools, but you can turn them into decorative accessories by screwing off their caps and use them in displaying flowers around the house, especially on your bathroom sink and living room. You can even put potpourri in it so the room can smell fresh. This is also a great idea for your empty perfume bottles and jars.

Truly, the world has changed a lot. You can now find ways on how to decorate a house with no money! With a bit of creativity, lots of resourcefulness and plenty of amazing tips, you can find affordable home décor and revamp the look of your home without breaking the bank! These tips are certainly a proof of that!

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