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How To Have The Best Skills For Your Passion And Career

105774639If you are just starting your career, or if you are climbing the ladder to success, you must bring your skills to the next level so that people can’t help but notice you.

Here are simple steps to follow to bring your skills to extraordinary heights:

Don’t follow your passion; let your passion follow you. Following your passion might lead you to greatness, or it could lead you nowhere, especially if you aren’t sure what your passion really is. Also, the job you have to do for people will be limited, because you have to do the work according to your pre-existing passion.

Find a career path to pursue in line with your skill. Look for something that you like to do and build a career path out of it. Make sure the career path you take fits your values and will give you skills that can give you more flexibility and options. Bring your skills to higher levels and specialize so that you will stand out from the rest.

Master your skill deliberately. You should become rare and valuable by becoming the best in your field. You have to do that skill at least 10,000 times to deliberately develop and master it. Don’t just work on your job; work on improving your skill. Think of how Michael Jordan became the best in basketball, he practiced everyday, and he arrives an hour earlier before each game to practice. Measure the level of your skills by the level of your income.

Demand according to your skill. If you have mastered your skill, you can demand for your position and salary in the work place. This is how your skills will open up more opportunity and flexibility for you.

Listen to your “calling”. Everyone has a purpose in life. Others find it early in their life or career, while other people figure out their “calling” later on as they succeed in the career path they chose.

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