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How To Know If You Really Are Humble

This is a dog eat dog world where only the fittest of the fit shall survive. You must be confident and brave enough to get to the top of the corporate ladder or to get ahead in life.

But knowing how to show humility will still bring you to farther heights in life. Humility is associated to strong leadership and better emotions. Opposite to what most people think, humility is actually a strength, not a weakness.

However, most people also believe that humility is about thinking less about him or herself. Sometimes, this type of humility is false, and is actually arrogance in clout.

Here are the guidelines that will tell if you are truly humble:

  • Their energy is focused on others. They put other people before themselves, but they make sure it is not to a point that they would be hurt in the future. Since they are not self-absorbed, they are not afraid to fail and try new things.

Self Absorbed

  • They are compassionate to others. They are conscientious and generous, which are wonderful traits that bring better health and happiness.
  • They base their decisions on their moral values. They are not ruthless. Which means the decision they make is something they can firmly stand for, because they are made with integrity.
  • They find happiness in the journey. They know that success won’t bring happiness, but happiness can bring success.

Bring Happiness

  • They are great leaders. Humble people are open to other people’s ideas. And since humble people think of other people before them, they tend to build more charisma and influence.
  • They are patient because they believe good things will come. They are always grateful for the opportunities and recognitions that come their way. This mindset makes it easier for them to have the patience to wait for the next big thing in their life.
  • They have wonderful relationships. Whether with the family, friends or businesses, they have strong relationship with people, because they have an attitude of “we” instead of just “I” or “you.”

Wonderful Relationships

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