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How To Know If You’re About To Be Fired

69_9-signs-youre-about-to-get-fired_flashLayoffs can happen anytime, especially if you are still at a lower rank in the corporate ladder. You may have heard it through the grape vine, but how will you know for sure that you are about to get fired?

If you have fewer responsibility. If you used to work twice as hard on countless tasks, then suddenly you notice, you have plenty of extra time on your hand, you probably might get the boot. If you have fewer responsibilities, this means you boss is preparing a workplace without you.

If people are avoiding you – especially the boss. If you workmates are avoiding you, especially your boss, then you are definitely about to be fired. It would be best to ask for information about this type of situation. You boss might see that act as a strength on your side, and might actually work for your advantage.

signs-you-are-about-to-get-fired You recently got disciplined. You know when you are not doing good in your job. So, don’t be surprised if you get disciplined. The first disciplinary act from the boss is usually a warning; the second is a chance, while the third is a goodbye.

Machines can do your job. If you have a job that basically can be done by the latest technology development, then you probably will be replaced by a machine that can automate your work.

No more opportunities for professional development. If you are not sent to trainings and development classes or luncheons anymore, it may mean you are about to be fired. Ask the boss about this immediately, or start looking for a new job.

Acquisition by a big company. If you’re small company gets acquired by a big company, that big company may already have workers who can do your job.

signs-you-are-about-to-get-fired-1 When a company asks its employees to come up with a precise job description. This means the company is in deep financial trouble. They do this to find out if your job can be done by someone else who can work for a lesser pay, or if your job can be totally cut off from the corporate structure.

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