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How to Make your Small Room Appear Bigger

If you can’t afford to buy or rent a huge house, apartment, flat or room, then you have to do these life hacks to make your place appear a bit bigger.

  1. Put a floor rug meant for a big area. This makes your small place look grand and big. If you do not have enough money to buy a luxury giant rug, you can get smaller ones and connect them together.
  2. Use fine, feathery fabrics for your window to allow more light to get in. The brightness illuminates the area making it look wider.
  3. Merge the wall and your bed by painting a vertical stripe on the wall right behind the headboard of your bed.
  4. Minimize throw pillows and other decorative seat cushions to open up more space for the guests and avoid clutter. Don’t invest on big pillows; just have enough to give you a comfortable sleep at night.
  5. If your room has sloped walls, you simply have to paint your ceiling with the same colour as your wall. Use light colours like cream. Use darker colours for the other walls. This way, your space will look wider.
  6. You can utilize the attic as another room, only with lower ceiling. Use low sofa or bed in your attic, to make it look like another wide sized room. With an additional room, your house could easily seem bigger.
  7. This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book: put mirrors in strategic locations in your room. These will double the dimensions of your area, giving you an illusion that you have a wider space. Put a wide mirror on your countertop or put mirrors in each sides of certain furniture, like the bed or the couch.
  8. The best, easiest, and most effective way to make your room bigger is to clear out some things off your place. 

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