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How To Take The Best Shelfie

As if the “selfie” is not enough to tell people online who you really are, the “shelfie” is also becoming viral on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

A shelfie shows your Instagram followers your inner life. It is very revealing because it shows the books your read, the personal mementos you collect, or the equipment you need for your hobbies.

Organizing a still life or modern tablescape design can be more than just for fun; it could be something very deep and artistic.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks in creating the best sheflie ever:

  • Bud vase. An odd looking glass or a unique ceramic vessel with only one stem budding out from it can already tell a lot about you.slideshow-shelfie-01_161450952820.jpg_gallery_max
  • Stacking. Things look better when stacked on one another, whether these are books, DVDs, or towels. Be creative and don’t just stack them up horizontally or vertically.slideshow-shelfie-02_161450715089.jpg_gallery_max
  • Sort kitchen glassware accordingly. By stacking the glassware in your kitchen according to its shape and size, your shelfie will look functional and serene.slideshow-shelfie-03_161451143121.jpg_gallery_max
  • Unconventional book supports. You can use old toys or boxes as book support.slideshow-shelfie-04_161452975930.jpg_gallery_max
  • Show off mementos. The souvenirs, knick-knacks, and gizmos you have collected can spark up wonderful conversations.slideshow-shelfie-05_161453721723.jpg_gallery_max
  • Color coordinate. When you arrange items according to the same hue, your shelfie would definitely look organized.slideshow-shelfie-06_161453139051.jpg_gallery_max
  • Flowers. Adding a bouquet of flowers never fail to make your shelfie look more beautiful.slideshow-shelfie-07_161454948102.jpg_gallery_max
  • Varied heights. Putting tall items in your shelfie that has different heights can create balance on your tablescape.slideshow-shelfie-08_161455145673.jpg_gallery_max
  • Don’t be stereotypical with your design. Don’t group items together according to their origin, manufacturer, or theme. Incorporate and mix them up together. slideshow-shelfie-09_161456674053.jpg_gallery_max
  • The simpler the better. You don’t have to put all of your best items in one bookshelf or table just to tell people who you really are. Remember; less is more.

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