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Incredible, Artistic Melted Ceramics

The Chinese designs of willows, pagodas, and birds of ceramic porcelain cups and kettles are wonderful works of art. But Livia Marin presented it in a unique and more artistic way with her Nomad Patterns sculpture collection. Marin melted these ceramic wares but maintained the original designs on the puddle of porcelain.

Nomad Patterns by Livia Marin

Livia Marin took ceramic cups, teapots, and vases and melted them using a distinctive process to make sure that the original design stays on the porcelain pool from the melted objects.LiviaMarin08-640x426

When you first look at it, you immediately see the destruction of perfectly crafted artworks. But as you look deeper into it and analyse it, you will understand how important the damaging gesture is. Marin wanted to show her audience that these broken Chinese ceramics could still look beautiful and useful. The unique liquification of the objects emphasizes the beauty of the designs.LiviaMarin01-640x426

Collection Exhibition

There are 32 items included in the collection, which was exhibited at London’s Eagle Gallery. The artistic theme of Marin is somehow ambiguous. The items look somewhere in between collapsed and being fixed. The melted objects look as if they are ruined or they’re being taken care of.LiviaMarin03-640x426

Consuming and discarding has become a widespread culture in the modern world of consumerism. The Nomad Pattern explores the ideas that go beyond the borders of attention poured on elite artefacts and the lack thought placed on the mass production of utilitarian items.LiviaMarin07-640x426

Livia Marin Brief Biography

Marin was born in 1973 in Santiago, Chile. She finished her PHD degree in 2012 at Goldsmiths College. Since 1999, she managed to hold seven solo exhibitions in Chile and UK. She also had a number of group exhibitions in the UK and in USA from 2007 to 2011.

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