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Incredible Houses Built in Nature

Do you want to live in a cave, on a tree, in an igloo or under the ground? There are amazing luxury homes that are built in nature itself. If you have enough cash, then you just might get the chance to live in houses like these.

Here are some of the places in the world with amazing houses built in nature:

Cheshire. This house is built in an amazing sandstone cave on a 13,600 sq ft estate in Helsby Hill in Frodsham. It has a helipad, which is also a football field. It has five bedrooms, a staff flat, and a window that can give you a panoramic view of the beautiful countryside. You can buy this house for £4.75 million.


Spain. There are several Andalusian caves near Grenada in Galera. These used to be a dwelling place for farmers and livestock. This property has an incredible patio, which gives you a wonderful view of the sunset. You can buy it for £36,000.


Italy. On a seven acre wide land sits an 18th-century tower with three grottoes in Lazio, Italy. This is a property in the middle of a woodland that is divided into three areas. If you want to live in the middle of an Italian woodland, you have buy the property for £199,700.

Lazio (Cluttons).JPG 

East Sussex. This property in the middle of nature has an orchard, falconry and an archery range, but its most notable feature is the eco-tree houses in the middle of nature. This property is in a 12-acre land. You can buy this house for £2.85 million.


USA. In Florida, you can find the most comfortable tree house in the world with thee bedrooms and a huge deck where you can see a view of 60 acres of nature. You can but the property for £265,350.


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