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International Street Photographers Who Changed Our View of the World

The jungle is a wonderful place to take photos at, because it can give you lively colors and animals that would create moments that lasts a lifetime. But there is a different kind of jungle that can give photographers an image that simply transcends life. These are the urban jungles of the gritty streets of the world.

The concrete jungle provides a brief moment of possible danger, love, violence or peace. Some of the world’s best street photographers have captured these incredible images in through their lenses.

Graeme Williams, Africa. This Johannesburg native has photographed themes of violence and alienation in his fractured hometown.

Here are some images from “A City Refracted’, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2012 -2014.”

o-GW-900-1Image 1

o-GW-900Image 2

Julio Bittencourt, South America. His photos focus in he artificial beach of Piscinao de Ramon of Rio de Janeiro, which is riddled with pollution and violence. Here are some images from “Ramos’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009-12.”

o-BIT-900Image 1o-BIT-900-1

Image 2

Polly Braden, Europe. She focuses on London’s Square Miles, the wealthiest square mile on Earth.

o-APP-900Appold Street, 6pmo-FEN-900

FenchurchStreet, 11am

Yasmin Chatila, North America. Get a load of this photograph called “The Wall Street Guy” (Wall Street, Monday 9:34 pm), New York, USA 2008.o-CHAT-900

Maciej Dakjowicz, Asia. Mumbai, India, 2007-13

Street portrait in Kamathipura, MumbaiImage 1A woman and goat in the lane of Ashok Nagar in Mumbai, India.

Image 2

Claudia Jaguaribe, South America. This is an amazing image of Rio called “Rio: Entre Morros’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2010.o-JAG-900

Jesse Marlow, Australia. Here are photos from his hometown of Melbourne.

COVERStop, From “Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them’, 2004-13o-HEAD-900

Head Over Heels, From “Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them”, 2004-13

Matt Stuart, Europe. Look at this hilarious but symbolic street photo taken at Moorgate Station, London, UK, 2005.o-STUART-900

Ying Tang, Asia. Ying takes the images of the gritty, winding roads of Shanghai.o-YING-900

Shanghai, China, 2006

o-4-900Shanghai, China, 2011

Peter Funch, North America. See New York in a different perspective in Peter’s photography.

o-COMMUNITY-900Communicating, Communicating, New York, USA, 2007

o-MEMORY-900Memory Lane, New York, USA, 2008

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