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Jennifer Aniston Shares Meal with Justin Theroux in NY

It appears that the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux is getting stronger as days pass by. The couple was recently spotted grabbing a lunch together in New York City on Monday, 10th March. The husband-and-wife to be, who haven’t appeared in public together in recent days, were later joined by the celeb Jason Bateman for a lunch plate at Fred’s restaurant at Barneys according to the reports.

It wasn’t meant to be a special lunch date judging by the way Aniston, 45, was dressed. She was wearing a black coat, grey sweater, and jeans. Theroux , 42, trailed on her wife-to-be while dressed in jeans and black leather jacket.

Recently, the couple has been living in different locations on opposite coasts. The Friends alum made merry on her 45th birthday last month, an event that Theroux failed to show up. She celebrated the party for her special day at L.A.’s Soho House in the company of her friends.

The Wanderlust costars got engaged since the August of 2012. In an event when Aniston was being interviewed with Gloria Steinem, she was wearing a “T” necklace, which would have been a symbol that she was ready to acquire her future last name.

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