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Jenny McCarthy Gets Slammed on Twitter For Asking Unrelated Question

Things didn’t turn out to be what Jenny Cathy expected in response on Twitter, but instead got some harsh criticisms on Thursday, March 13. While she was asked by co-host about what she “looks for in a mate,” many took the chance to reply saying that they would want someone who isn’t anti-vaccination – like her.

“What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks,” This is what the 41-year-old McCarthy Twitted. Some responses were very demeaning, but funny as well.

One person wrote back, “Somebody who gets that refusing vaccines because of ‘toxins’ and then shilling for e-cigs makes you a pathetic hypocrite #JennyAsks,”  Another added “Someone who think vaccines are safe.”

The third person replied, “#JennyAsks Someone who doesn’t spread false info causing disease,” “Someone who believes in data & science, not discredited, fake medical ‘experts’ or anecdotal evidence,” the fourth person said. She got ridiculed about the “hijacking” of McCarthy but the TV personality but has remained silent about the backlash.

For years, McCarthy has argued that early childhood vaccines against ailments such as polio and the measles cause autism in children. She has an eleven-year-old son who suffers from autism and has dared to share about it in her social media, her ABC daytime talk show, and also on Larry King Live show in April 2008.

Speaking on Larry King, she said that people need to get rid of the toxins—referring to mercury—which she said she was tired of everyone saying it has been removed. She also said that it has not been removed from the shots.  Kristin Cavallari, The Hills alum, and who is expecting the second child, also said that she believed there was a strong link between the vaccines and autism, during an interview with the Fox Business Show The Independents on March 13. She also disclosed that they have not vaccinated their 18-month-old son Camden.

In January, McCarthy was on a hot spot when rumors went around that her son, whom she had with her ex-husband John Asher, was not suffering from autism. She demystified the rumor on her Twitter account as “blatantly and completely ridiculous” allegations.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jenny-mccarthy-gets-slammed-for-anti-vaccine-crusade-via-twitter-after-asking-unrelated-question–2014153

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