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Life Hacks to Get that Bikini Body in just 24 Hours

Of course you can’t lose so much weight overnight just to fit in that newly purchased, itty-bitty bikini, but there are simple life hacks that you can do to achieve that bikini body quick. These last minute magic techniques come from experts like Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, and more.

  1. Avoid Sodium. Salt is the major contributor for bloating. Junk foods and other processed foods are filled with sodium. Cut out these types of food to avoid bloating.
  2. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol ruins the metabolism and the cleansing system of your liver. This will lead to bloating.
  3. Avoid Carbohydrates. If you can’t avoid them, at least keep them at a minimum. Eat brown rice or oats if you want carbs. Low-carb diet is not the best way to get fit and stay fit; but cutting of out your carbohydrate intake a day before you wear that bikini is an effective way to have a good-looking body.
  4. Hydration. Keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water to have a healthy looking skin.
  5. Eat Raw. Not raw meat; raw vegetables and fruits. These foods are filled with H2O, it can quickly flatten your stomach, and it can fill your appetite quick.
  6. Get active. Go to the gym or do something that will keep your body moving. You don’t have to do a killer workout, because your body won’t change overnight. Just do a fun exercise to at least tone your muscles and lose a few pounds.
  7. Supplements. Though it is not 100 percent guaranteed that you would be more fit when you take them, supplements could be a good help for achieving that bikini body.
  8. Clean skin. Pick the bikini that would help you hide those unpleasant looking hair, and use good tanning spray to hide bruises or scars.
  9. Sleep. Get enough sleep to rejuvenate your body.
  10. Push up. 20 push up is enough to give those chest and arms a good pump and toned look.
  11. Be confident. Confidence is key. Stand up straight and present yourself in a confident manner. You sex appeal increases along with your confidence.

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