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Life Hacks To Hide Dark Circles

After having a wild party last night, you might look sleep deprived with big bags under your eyes, blemishes, wrinkles, and dark circles in the morning.

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What if you have to meet someone, or you have an appointment in the morning? You still have to look your best.Beauty Steps Erase Dark Circles

Here are life hacks on how to cheat your way to still have that great looking skin:

  1. Start with your skin primer. This may look like a boring and unnecessary thing, but this actually very effective. This can provide you that hydrated and bright base. This will make your dry skin look a lot better.
  2. Add Foundation. A lot of people think adding foundation just wont work, but if you apply it properly, you can make your face look so much better. Try the Dior Capture Totale Foundation, which is something that effectively dissolves in your face. But any good foundation can help. Just make sure it will disappear n your face and look natural.
  3. Get a good enough concealer and apply the right amount on the inner corner, right under your eyes. You can also put some just around the corner of your nose or at the tip of your chin. These are areas in your face that might have uneven skin tone.
  4. Get that reddish, flesh-toned cream blush and blend it on your cheeks to your hairline. Look for a colour that is a few shades darker that your skin tone.
  5. Dab a little highlighter on your nose bridge, in the middle of your chin, in the highest part of your cheekbone, the corner of your eyes and the bow of you mouth.

These five steps take only a little amount of time and effort, but it can make the difference to make you look great.

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