7 Amazing Make-Up Looks Inspired From Game of Thrones

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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017

There’s no denying that the ‘Game of Thrones’ is an eminent TV Show across the globe. The show is rated an incredibly high at the IMDb’s show ratings.

Loaded with the goodness of fascinating suspense and a unique storytelling style, it keeps the audience at the bay of their seats, scratching their heads trying to unveil the suspense of the next moment to come. Such is the suspense that you’ll anxiously wait for the Sunday with all the excitement & preparation.

When the unveiled suspense, illusions and visuals meet the splendid looks that the actors bring, it sets out to be a unique combination. The style and the looks are entirely different from any other television series, fantasy or an eye-catching history drama. Game of Thrones employs a very talented team of make-up artists who work wonders not just to put artistry into the characters, but also deliver an irresistible charm to your favorite characters.

Embrace yourself, here we present to you, seven of the most revolutionary makeup looks of the GOT:

1. Khaleesi, The Mother Of Dragons’ All Natural Look

Khaleesi, The Mother Of Dragons’ All Natural Look
There’s no denying the fact that the Mother of Dragons, the Silver Lady and the broad-spectrum offender of the historic designations, Daenerys Targaryen has an abiding loyalty to the unborn.

The last woman standing from the Royal bloodline- the marquee woman gave forth three dragons alive.

The dragon lady were adorable cheeks and enticed naked complexion brings upfront the character’s fearsome reputations as the mother of dragons. Utilizing the actor Emila Clarke’s incredible hotness to showcase a no-makeup way, the talented team of face-makers has done well to impart a natural and innate look to the epitome of motherhood. The Mother of Dragon’s make-up tutorial focuses its attention on peachy tones and a minimal eye-makeup.

2. The Sassy: Sansa Stark

While the show has always been host to a plethora of strong female characters, the latest season of GOT took the world by surprise, shouting to the world ‘It’s all about women.’ A part of the appeal of GoT has been the surprisingly fabulous hairstyles worn by Sansa Stark.

Starting out as an innocent character with a wagonload of dreams, Sansa is perhaps the one who has grown the most. She wears a tight upper water line, complimented incredibly well with the well combed black mascara which strengthens her appeal to the audience. To Sansa, high eyebrows don’t happen by chance; they happen by a hail and good appointment with a make-up artist. Sansa’s make up highlights Incorporates a soft yet intense makeup which goes well with the well blended, cool toned contour.

3. Arya’s Interweaved Hair

Arya’s Interweaved Hair
As Arya is still in her youthful days, the make-up artists focused their attention more on her hair rather than experimenting with her face look. The latest season not only brought to light the girl’s name but also helped us unveil one of the only braided styles for Arya that works for short hair.

The eminent Braavosi hairstyle sheltered by the young Stark sister comprises of a couple of French braids that originate at the neck’s nape, race towards the sides of the head which is similar to the traditional French braid that finds its origin at the hairline and concludes at the forehead.

4. Half-Up Hair-Do: The New Badass Way

The show derives a significant part of its appeal from the mind-blowing intricate hairstyles well-worn by characters like Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell.

It Is humorously put up that, since ‘the winter is here and the majority of the characters have had a tough time dealing the snowy cold,’ to say the least, the hair have not only pared down but also become the new style to take on the winters.

Half up! The brand new: Revolutionary hairstyle adopted by the compelling characters of the show: Margaery, Yara Greyjoy, Melisandre, all wear their hair in a similarly simple, half-up manner that shouts out to the fellow men “All right, we mean some serious business.”

5. Cersei’s Dark And Bold Eyebrows

Cersei’s Dark And Bold Eyebrows
Cersei’s well-groomed Skin Makeup work wonders to add a remarkable persona to her face. The Queen’s eyebrows not only fit the vintage glamor but also give her a compelling modern look. Her heart might not be as beautiful, but her eyebrows impart a beauty to her face, making her conniving throughout the show.

6. Margaery Tyrell’s Wedding Curls

When the doors were thrown open, the Tyrells made their mark by entering first. Margaery came with the glittering bouquet of golden roses. When ornate up do’s come into the picture, one’s mind is instantly directed to Margaery Tyrell’s beautiful wedding curls. Famous worldwide for her marvelous hair and an affinity and attention to the fashion, one cannot ignore Margaery the young queen to outdo all of her competitors.

Drawn up in an almost a towering up-do, then left to cascade down her back in perfect ringlets, and topped with a regal crown, her hair was easily the grandest spectacle of the wedding

7. The Glittery Dark Eyes Of Tyene Sand

The Glittery Dark Eyes Of Tyene Sand
The elegant daughter of Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell, Tyene’s makeup focuses its attention on the smoky pair of eyes and matte skin. Tyene Sand keeps her cosmetics pretty low key, which makes her one of the perfect characters to channelize for an impressive everyday look.

Utilizing the matte cream highlighter complimented with a light shade contour and a concealer in the right proportion could just do wonders for you to get a look inspired by Tyene Sand. Her looks pay personal attention to her eyes, which incorporates a swift use of Eye-Makeup and a dark mascara to give her a sharp and expressive pair of eyes.

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The creativity and style exhibited in the Game of Thrones have set the yardsticks for the international television industry. Looking back on the beloved series as a proud spectator (especially since someone who had a keen eye for fashion and makeup), what sets the show apart from the rest is the beautiful, vibrant, detailed make-up and costuming, and the breath-taking- glorious hair.

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