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Men’s fashion moves to new casual luxury age

British GQ deputy editor wrote an article about how men are experiencing a new age of casual luxury, citing examples such as sneakers at the Met Ball, nylon watch straps, and Gucci loafers that do not have the socks.

This year’s Met Ball witness first hand how men are moving to a more casual way of wearing luxury outfit. American Vogue Editor Anna Wintour said only Benedict Cumberbatch was able to properly pull off the dress code she set up for the men at the Met Ball.

That remark didn’t upset many in the popularly sleek society of New York, since there is nothing much to a white tie with some decorations.

Only Cumberbatch pulled off a downtown feel to Wintour’s dress code, which is what she was looking for, not a love-boat like white tux, as many assumed it to be. Bradley Cooper is another honourable mention that came close to nailing the dress code that Wintour has set.

Wintour’s remark has rocked the boat between people who disregard dress codes just to stand out and those fundamentalist conformists whose standards of proper Met Ball outfit as something that has a swing to it.

How Wintour looked at men’s wear during the Ball can be considered as the twilight of the formalists. How men dressed up during the event showed how the society has slowly turned to casualness than formality. It seems like this generation is gradually transforming into a more relaxed society.

Casualness is somehow triggered by the “player” stereotype that a man is not defined by how heavily suited he is, but by showing that he has nothing to prove. Now, there are luxury brands that have developed designs for those who want to wear elegance in a more relaxed manner. Before, casualness is defined by the personality, not by what a person wears.

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