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Mindy Weiss’ Summer Party Tips

Summer is fast approaching and the pressure for a good party is heating up. The good news is you don’t actually have to spend too much just to organize a summer get together for the entire family or friends.

Celebrity event organizer Mindy Weiss has smart tips to enjoy an entertaining summer party without breaking the bank. Weiss has planned events for big celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Portia Rossi, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Lala and Carmelo Anthony and JP and Ashley from “The Bachelorette.”

Now, Weiss partnered with HomeGoods, a popular discount home décor retailer. Weiss aims to provide people with more affordable choices for an entertaining summer get together party.

To have an amazing summer soiree, you do not have to spend too much on your speakers for good music, especially that these sound systems would be hidden behind the bush after all. As long as you play good music from a decent sound system, people wont notice that you are using cheaper alternatives for a speaker.

According to Weiss, it is best to spend money on things that people will actually see. The tables, the seats, the arrangement and the area should be properly arranged with stunning visuals, because people would remember what they see.

Since it is summer, colors would shine brighter under the glaring sun. Weiss said it is best to put color as much as possible in the area, because it pops and it sparks conversations among the people in the event.

Radiant Orchid is this year’s Pantone color, according to Weiss. This is the tropical shade of Pink-purple. She said, HomeGoods offer amazing decors with the shade of purple.

Make sure there are seats, foods and drinks for everybody during the summer party, said Weiss. This way, the guests will stay longer in the party.

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