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Most Expensive Common Foods

The latest gastronomic trend is turning common foods like burgers, cupcakes, and soup into haute cuisine, which costs hundred times more expensive than its normal price.

  1. The Golden Cannoli. Chef Jasper Mirabile teamed up with Kansas City’s Sprinkled with Sugar bakery owner Carey Iennaccaro to create the most expensive cannoli on Earth at $26,000. This cannoli menu includes an Italian diamond necklace and a bottle of 1999 Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne.p0230rj3
  2. Burger Patty from technologically advanced beef. This patty is made out of beef grown from a laboratory for stem cells by Netherlands’ Maastricht University professor Mark Post. It is funded by Google Chief Executive Officer Sergey Brin. It is not yet for sale, and if it does go on sale, you need $332,000 to buy it.p0230rgm
  3. 25 years in a bowl of ramen. Chef Shoichi Fujimaki said his ramen holds 25 years of experience poured in a bowl of noodles, which is why it costs $110.p0230r0x
  4. A bottle of Earth’s best water. Paolo di Verachi blended waters from France, Iceland, and Fiji Islands with 5mg worth of gold dust into a bottle. It costs $60,000.p0230r1m
  5. Strawberries Arnaud with diamond ring. This Strawberries Arnaud is worth $3.95 million because it has a 7.09 carat pink-diamond ring.p0230qsy
  6. Sushi with Treasures. Famous Filipino chef Angelito Araneta Jr. or more popularly known as the “Karate Chef” put 12 Palawan pearls and four 0.2-carat diamonds in this $1,980 sushi dish.p0230r00
  7. Luxury Meat Pie. Visit Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, UK to have a taste of their $1,780 meat pie, which has Wagyu beef fillet, and expensive Chinese matsukake mushroom.p0230r2l
  8. Kopi Luwak. This is known as “cat-poo” coffee because the coffee beans are extracted from Asian civet cat poop. It costs $30 a cup.p0230qpn
  9. The most expensive cheese sandwich. This $190-cheese sandwich has cheddar cheese mixed with golden flakes.p0230rd5
  10. White truffle bagel with golden leaves. Chef Frank Tujague made this in 2007 to reflect New York. It has an ingredient that costs $10,000 per pound. This white truffle bagel with golden leaves costs $1,000.p023djdz

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