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Most Romantic First Date Chocolates

For your first date, you must make sure you give the right first impression. Chocolates are one of the best things you can give for this occasion. To make an even better impression, it would be best to give the most romantic chocolates for a first date.

  1. Maison du Chocolat macarons. In Piccadilly, close to the Royal Academy and the Ritz, is where you can get these delicious delights. Geoffrey d’Anglejan, the managing director of the chocolate store, has been helping men make Frenchwomen fall for them by indulging in this sweet treat. You can get the little lime-green box with eight pieces of summery cocktail ganaches for £13.


  1. Amelia Rope Chocolate cubes. London chocolate maker Amelia Rope originally trained as an aromatherapist, which means her chocolates aren’t just luscious treats, but are actually sensual pleasures to the nose and the tongue. You can even order online to add a message to the slender package. Rope herself sometimes handwrites the messages.


  1. Artisan du Chocolat Royal Favour box. Its sea-salt caramel is an icon that many other chocolate makers desperately try to imitate. The chocolates are presented in a stylish and witty manner. But the sources of the flavours are as serious as the chocolates are sophisticated. You can get the Lilies Bouquet for £24.99 or the Royal Favour Boxes for £5.99 to £8.99. You can also get the most spectacular of them all, the Pyramide de Chocolats for £325.


  1. Hotel Chocolat Pink Collection. There are 75 branches of the Hotel Chocolat, and their wide variety of chocolates to choose from can save you from the hassles of ordering or waiting for your order from other chocolate stores.


  1. Marcolini Scarlet hearts. Belgian chocolates are usually luxurious products. But now, there are more contemporary packages that can be accessible for ordinary folks. You can try the Godiva or the Pierre Marcolini.


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