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New Kind of Education Prepares American Students for Contemporary Circumstances

Math skills, reading skills, and other educational aspects among American students are in a downward trend. But there is a bigger problem looming behind these dwindling educational ranks of the country.

Children dream of becoming lawyers, engineers, and philosophers. But they don’t totally comprehend what these jobs really mean, what they do, and what they will amount for later on in life.

20 years later, 20 billion more people are expected to add to the Earth’s population. This brings a big shift to the economic, environmental, health, and cultural aspect of human life. Students should be equipped with new knowledge on how to discover in facing issues like these.

Educational systems should prepare children to face contemporary circumstances.

Now, a new kind of learning is taking shape in America with a focus on teaching the student how to discover.

For example, at Harvard University, History Science uses film to understand science; business classes brings students to low income regions to learn social entrepreneurship; chefs discover the science of cooking in engineering and applied science classes; and romance languages teaches students to learn social and political changes through various cultural agencies.

How to create things and make them matter in the world is the new lessons in the new educational system of the country. This is a fast rising trend being practiced in Stanford University, Arizona State University, and Stanford University.

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