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Once Upon A Time Gives Fantasia A Cool Make-Over

The romance between Emma and Hook heats up as they went on their first official date. But magic and darkness still surrounds the story of Once Upon A Time last Sunday night.

Hook, or Killian as he wants to be called, just got his hand back from the formidable Rumpelstiltskin.

The episode titled “The Apprentice” featured the Dark One and it has an over all theme of Fantasia, which includes a tiny mouse.

Hook’s Hand

Hook gets his hand back from Mr. Gold, who warned him against it, since it belongs to a cunning pirate. This way, he won’t have that metal part attached him while on a date with Emma. Later on, that hand led him to two fights.

Rumple’s Deals

Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Rumple was making a lot of deals. He even tested Anna by tempting her to pour something into the tea of the sorcerer’s apprentice, but she didn’t do it. She later on discovered that Rumple was just testing her. If she gave Rumple the potion, the old man wouldn’t have turned into a mouse. Do you see the reference there? But Rumple ultimately got the single tear that he needed by threatening Elsa and Kristoff.

But it was Emma and Hook’s date that really stole the show. I bet you were expecting more Frozen.

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