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    The best way to wear silver

    Metallics during the summer are fast becoming a trend and this year, silver is becoming a sensation. Silver’s value in the fashion industry is growing rapidly ever since this year started. Last February’s fashion week at London, a lot... Read More

  • Relationships

    Major change on Facebook makes it your business to probe friends’ personal lives

    It seems like the phrase “Mind your own business” is the thing of the past especially with Facebook’s new “invasive” button, which allows its users to probe friends about their relationship status in life. The news of this new... Read More

  • Phenom Elle Fanning Glamour

    Fashion Magazines: News, Advice, Pictures, Top Stories & More

    Fashion Phenom Elle Fanning Glamour Style Icon

    Just recently, Elle Fanning stepped out in the perfect modern-day Disney-princes dress that awed almost everyone in to obsession. It has come to our attention that the 16-year old starlet is a fashion genius—she is accustomed to runaway looks... Read More

  • Cressida Bonas Chucks

    Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Cressida Bonas Chucks A Page out Of the Kate Middleton Playbook to Retrieve Prince Harry

    Cressida Bonas, the 25-year old former dancer who used to date Prince Harry is emulating a different style. After their breakup, Harry took on to the streets of Miami partying and twerking in Memphis. And in reference to US... Read More

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    Pamela Anderson reveals being sexually abused as a child

    Pamela Anderson revealed last Friday that she was sexually abused as a child since age 6. The former “Baywatch” actress admitted it during her animal rights charity The Pamela Anderson Foundation launch at France’s Cannes Film Festival. She posted... Read More

  • Relationships

    Jealous boyfriend? That’s a sign of obsession

    Some women fantasize about making their men jealous. Women create scenarios or play tricks just to affirm that their men are crazy in love with them. It’s cute; it’s sweet. But to some cases it’s dangerous; it’s deadly. If... Read More

  • Relationships

    Words to make people like you more

    It is what you say that will make a long lasting impression on people. The words that often come out of your mouth will define you. That’s why you should focus on it much more than how you look... Read More

  • Relationships

    Eloping the right way

    If you are a maverick and you value spontaneity with your partner, you can elope as an alternative to the traditional marriage ceremonies. If you want to ditch all the pressure of preparing for a grand wedding, you can... Read More

  • Fashion Magazines: News, Advice, Pictures, Top Stories & More

    Next Fashion Tech Startup Search Starts

    ELLE and Gap Inc organized the Fashion Tech Forum, a one-day conference that aims to integrate luxury fashion and technology by putting up a search for the next big fashion tech startup. The event will take place in the... Read More

  • Relationships

    Husbands lack humor tops reasons why women cheat

    If your wife or girlfriend is faking her laugh at your jokes, if she complains about your hygiene or your obnoxious mannerisms, or if you are not that accomplished and have no life plans on how to be successful,... Read More


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