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Photobombing Animals Edition At its Best

As “selfies” become a sensation, so does “photobombing.” You can ask people to get out of the way while you take a picture in front of a landmark or a beautiful backdrop, but you simply can’t ask animals to leave.

Here are some of the best animal photobombs:

  1. As photographer Punam Dave snapped a photo of Cape Point’s wonderful Cliffside view, a baboon joined the scene with its pouting lips. The baboon just won’t leave the frame, so the photographer finally resolved to include the grumpy animal in the photo.Punam Dave
  2. Junichi Masuda wanted to take a photo of the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu when suddenly a llama hopped out of nowhere and looked as though it really wanted to be included in the picture.llama
  3. Melissa Brandts took a photo of her and her husband in Canada’s Banff National Park when a squirrel hopped in front of the camera blurring up the couple on the background.Photobomb
  4. A student volunteer group had their photo taken in one of their projects in Costa Rica, when a sloth joined the photo as if he wanted to volunteer as well.Volunteer Group
  5. A group of tourist had their photo taken in Zimbabwe’s Rhino and Wildlife Conservation Centre. When a giant elephant stood behind them and joined the photo.Elephant
  6. You can see the funny look in these peoples’ faces when a stingray surprised them from behind while they were taking photos in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands
  7. A hungry gorilla was included in this picture taken in an Australian zoo. Hungry Gorilla
  8. This outrageous photo shows how the camel took a bite on this woman’s face as she took a “selfie.” Camel
  9. A smart dolphin joined a family portrait at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.Dolphin
  10. A kangaroo jumps into the photographers frame covering up the main subject.Kangaroo

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