10 Easy Romantic Gestures To Melt Your Woman’s Heart

When it comes to wooing, you don’t always have to play the romantic cliche cards. Otherwise you’ll be looking forward to a sour and dour relationship that wouldn’t even get to the ‘long run’. Here are untypical romantic gestures, simple and effective, that every man should do to make a woman fall more in love.

1. Play with her hair lightly. Wrap her curls around your finger. If she has a pixie cut, caress her head.italian-man-combing-his-girlfriend-s-hair-1.jpg

2. Watch TV or movies at home with a take out dessert.

3. Give her three options of places where you want to eat out. Insert two new places on the choices.

4. If you spend a night at her place, at least make her bed without her seeing the sweet gesture.article-2398721-1B6443E5000005DC-596_634x587

5. Cook her favorite meal every once in a while.

6. If she”s wearing high heels, hail a cab so she doesn’t have to walk further or suffer the long stairs of the metro to get to a destination.

7. If you noticed she’s overwhelmed, offer help with her weekly chores.husband_doing_chores

8. Rub her back before she asks you to do it.

9. To make your regular kissing sweeter, cup her face gently.kissing-tips-450x390

10. Make her favorite cocktail and have them waiting for her at home. It will do wonders.

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