10 Keys For A Long, Happy Marriage

A long and happy marriage seems impossible for some couples. Yes, it requires a lot of hard work and time, but the truth is, a successful marriage requires simple common sense.

  1. Choose to be kind with your spouse as much as you can.Choose to be kind with your spouse as much as you can
  2. Be best friends and enjoy each other’s friends and enjoy each other’s company
  3. Tell your spouse “I love you” as much as you can, make sure you mean it.Tell your spouse I love you
  4. Be as honest as you can, even about the things that you do not like.Be as honest
  5. Don’t get influenced by outside factors, especially from your friends, relatives and in-laws.Don’t get influenced by outside factors
  6. Sweet nothings out of thoughtfulness, like expressions of affections and little gifts, go a long way.Sweet nothings out of thoughtfulness
  7. From a distance, you can see the beauty of a mountain. Yes, it makes the heart grow fonder. Allowing each other to spend time alone can help each other develop as a each other
  8. The simplest things in life are usually the best, so cherish those moments you share together.moments you share together
  9. Marriage is about “we,” but you must also acknowledge each other’s individuality.Marriage is about we
  10. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies and you have to be realistic about the challenges that you may encounter as a couple. If you have a strong foundation in friendship, you can face obstacles as a couple. have to be realistic

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