10 Not-so-obvious relationship destroyers

Everyone knows that people should show appreciation, keep an open communication and say positive things to their partners to have a strong relationship.

But here are some less obvious things that surprisingly ruin relationships:

  1. The one with stronger influence in the relationship is less happy, according to researchers. There should be balance in who should have power in the relationship. Start taking turns on who gets the final word.
  2. It has a negative implication when couples remember milestone events in their lives differently. It is best for couples to talk about these key memories to maintain a strong relationship.
  3. Always expecting the worst things to happen is bad for the relationship, but being too optimistic in your expectations can also have its negative effects. You don’t have to let go of the optimism, but it is important that you balance it with reality.
  4. If your spouse puts you on the pedestal, you may think he or she doesn’t love you for who you really are. Don’t overdo your admiration or worship to your spouse.
  5. Trying hard to look good in your partner’s eyes can make you weaker. It is more important to love yourself and have a little self-compassion than always focusing on self-esteem.
  6. You do not have to be too religious. What your religion doesn’t really matter as long as you pray as a couple. If you do not pray together, you probably won’t stay together.
  7. Not being curious. You do not have to snoop around, but if you are not that curious it may be hard for you to find solutions to your couple issues. According to studies, being curious makes a person a better communicator, more flexible, and can easily find solutions for stressful situations.
  8. Texting too much means couples are not satisfied with each other. Don’t ditch texting, but have more personal conversations with each other.
  9. If you overthink your relationship regarding issues about being close enough, you wont have time to be close. Don’t overthink it.
  10. Some women expect to be placed on a pedestal because it is the tradition or norms of the society for men to cherish women. However, these types of women are actually easily frustrated during harsh relationship periods. You should have an open mind when it comes to gender roles and don’t let societal ideologies rule your relationship.

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