10 Obvious Signs He Is Really Flirting With You

A lot of people can’t tell if someone is just being friendly or is actually flirting with them. This is more prevalent especially among women.

If you are bad at recognizing flirtation, here are some obvious signs that will help you tell if it’s genuine flirtation and not just your wild imagination:

He touches you back to bring you closer. There are friendly thumps in the back, but there are also passionate touches to draw you in closer. If you feel that vibe that he wants you near, then he’s in to you.

His body tilts towards you. Its either he is drawing you nearer, or he is pointing his body to you and is tilting towards you. If he’s like magnet to you, then you know he’s anna and v kiss

He Fidgets. If he fidgets and he just can’t stay put when you’re near, it means he is nervous because he is in to you.

He gets overexcited when he finds out you have something in common. Having something in common with you is one of the major aspects for an ideal relationship, which is why he gets overjoyed when you have something in common.

He whispers when he talks. When his voice is in low volume, it means he is trying to turn the atmosphere into a “just you and me” in this sea of people.whisper

He simply won’t leave. Even if the conversation is signalling him to leave, he still sticks around, because he doesn’t want to leave your side.

Sex jokes. If he is cracking sex jokes, it means he is trying to find out how open minded you are when it comes to sex.

Grins and smiles. If he is just nodding at what you say, he is just being polite. But if he is nodding and grinning, it means he is in to you.guy-flirting-at-work-main

He’s winking. Winking always means flirting, unless he has eye problems.

Going the extra mile to be nice. If he suggests that he gives you a ride home, then he is probably hoping that you let him inside your personal space.

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