10 Obvious Signs He’s That Into You

Along with the advancement of technology, dating has also evolved into something else. There are countless apps and websites that make the hook-up culture easier, providing a long list of date candidates for the singles and not-so-singles.5 1

But they say, if you want a really meaningful and romantic relationship, it is still best to stick with the old-fashioned way.

Here are of the most obvious signs that the guy you are dating is really into you:

  1. He contacts you regularly, not necessarily every moment, but at least as much as possible.
  2. He is genuinely interested in your life and asks about how your day went.
  3. He takes interest in the things you are interested in, because he simply likes it when you are happy and he wants to be part of your life.5 3
  4. He will also bring your to his family and friends because he wants you to be part of his life as well.
  5. He’s never late because he respects you time.
  6. He does not give excuses and make time just to be with you.
  7. He takes you to a proper restaurant instead of a club so that you can hear each other speak.
  8. Your number saved on his phone has your name on it because he has nothing to hide.
  9. He strives to make a good impression by looking good and having proper manners.
  10. He shows that he wants a second date before he leaves.Young couple in love outdoor

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