17 Ways to Know If You Should Marry the Man You’re With

Marriage? Are you thinking about it? How do you know if the man you’re with is the “the one?”

Here are simple signs to watch out for:

  1. He is your biggest fan, he is very proud of you, and he keeps bragging about you.make-him-fall-in-love
  2. He will make big sacrifices for you, just like what you will do for him.3-17-12_Xin_Xu-_1_DSCF3625-hover
  3. You have the same set of values and views towards life.article-2289562-187F97F8000005DC-947_634x482
  4. He is still chivalrous, he still opens the doors for you, pulls the chair for you when you sit, and lets you stand at the safety zone when you walk by the opening car door for woman
  5. He doesn’t change you; he loves you the way you
  6. You think about marrying him not just for the big day, but for the forever after it.article-2289562-187F9808000005DC-422_634x448
  7. You didn’t break up after a long-distance relationship.4323894-xsmall2
  8. You want to live with him even if you don’t like roommates and you love privacy.couple-laughing-tickling-in-bed-paper-elephant
  9. You run to him to tell him about your day or about your woes.woman-hugs-man
  10. You’re comfortable planning the future with him.xman_in_love_2__thumb.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2-2J4jgcTIIrGQwJqKCe
  11. You have no problem crying in front of him.article-0-1ADBE87F000005DC-501_634x869
  12. When your friends say bad things about their partners, you have nothing to say.article-2289562-187F97D8000005DC-854_634x414
  13. You are quite close to his family and yours’ to him.Love__037886_29
  14. He likes your friends.double-date-2
  15. He respects you when you vent.15365710676_116817b966
  16. He tells you how beautiful you look for no reason.fall-in-love
  17. You can do a lot of things together without fighting too much.434989-murad-osmann

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