5 Best Summer Date Ideas You Never Tried Before

Are you still searching for the best summer date ideas to impress your partner? Here we bring in the 8 best summer date ideas you never tried before!

1. Take Mixology Course:

Join for the one-day mixology classes that pop-up all over the country. You can sip on the fruits of your labor over a backyard barbeque. For all those of you, who can’t find any mixology class in your area, do have a private lesson at home. Pick out a few DIY cocktail recipes to enjoy your summer date.

2. Surprise Your Partner with a Weekday Picnic:

weekday picnic
There’s nothing beautiful and attractive than a picnic with your sweetheart in mid-week. If you have the day off or the afternoon seems slow you can grab on some snacks with a tub of ice cream and two spoons! Make your partner’s say with the bunch of dessert!

3. Taste on the Wine:

Consider this classic summer date; all you need is to combine so many things we love: picnicking with your partner on sunshine and, of course with wine! Pack your own cheese and baguettes for a beautiful day of sipping and snacking!

4. Check Out The County Fair:

County Fair
What’s more adventurous than this no-brainer summer date idea! Check out the county fair in the hot weather months. Enjoy the Ferris wheels, cotton candy and the summer love, of course with your sweet partner.


5. Take a stay-cation at a hotel with a rooftop pool!

Taking a stay-cation is more romantic way for this summer date. This will help you and your partner to cool off under the stars. All you need to do is book a room in a swanky downtown hotel for the night and enjoy!!!

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