5 Dating Fails You Need to Learn Now

Surprisingly, dating can reveal a lot of things you probably haven’t even heard of before. So if you want to learn, take note of the following things:

1. His hand position could tell a lot about him. If you can remember where his hand had been touching you last night, act accordingly.a40627007accb61a1cd8a901fcb64bcc.600x

2. The first months are always the most romantic. Savor it. Because months and even years later, he’s not going to always be as lovey-dovey as before. That’s not your fault though. Each and every one will shed their true colors once they get too comfortable with their significant other.df80602bcd9c19f2414a73156903dcef.600x

3. Romance is for movies. In real life it really sucks. But true love can make it better. Take this movie for instance.d8dcbe8871f5ca6734d89155823bfacd.600x.noanim

4. Cat people are crazy. It’s specially crazier if she lets her cat watch you guys do the deed. If she does, then that’s the time you ask her to let your friend watch you guys do the deed too. At least your friend can hold the cat.1d5dd8c63e791bf77391b72a3ef68e2b.600x

5. High standards can bite you back. Some people always only want to date beautiful people. But non-beautiful people have no idea they’re that — not beautiful. so they actually have no idea they’re not datable.b8e0c09a775f24df06c61db04714c04c.600x

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