5 Things Husbands Wish their Wives wouldn’t Take so Seriously

A single misunderstanding could go a long way. If you don’t believe that, ask the men. According to science there’s a reason why husbands and wives misunderstand each other. That reason is called communication bias. It’s that familiar feeling you have because you think you already know a person more than anybody else does. You know them too long or full well that you already assume you know what they’re saying.

Say for example you’re asking your buddy if he wants to hit the gym, you asked the question simply because you want to know if he wants to go to a boxing class, and normally, you would ask that follow up question too just to explain why you asked in the first place. When you’ve been with the same person for too long, like husbands and wives, you’d often leave the follow up question out, hence, the misunderstanding. Most often it’s the unspoken words that lead to huge fights. A harmless, innocent question if left unexplained, could blow up into arguments that often leaves the husbands wish their wives wouldn’t take everything so seriously.

Here are some of the regular things husbands wish wives wouldn’t be so serious about.

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