6 Major Reasons Why You Should Date a Younger Man

There are a number of reasons why “cougars” date younger guys and stamina is leading the list.

Here are the other major reasons why you should date younger men:

  1. Energy. A young man’s energy is contagious. If you feel lazy and weak, the vigour of a young man will definitely influence you and make you more active – especially when it comes to sex.
  2. Optimistic. Youth is tantamount to optimism because this stage in life has not yet been tainted by the harsh world. A sprinkle of positive energy in your life can make you feel young again. He is also open-minded, which means you will have plenty of adventures together in the outdoors and behind closed doors.
  3. Optimistic
  4. Eager to Please Sexually. At a young age, he still wants to prove himself when it comes to bed. Anything new about sex that you teach him will immediately be imprinted in his head and will be carried on for the rest of his life.
  5. Respect. No, he does not respect you because you’re older; he respects you because you are a smart, independent, and strong woman. You won’t intimidate him, and he won’t have any problem allowing you to call the shots. He will also listen to you and take advices from you and his ego won’t be damaged by it.
  6. Respect
  7. Less complicated. He does not have plenty of complicated past relationships that would haunt your present relationship. You don’t even have to fuss over which place to stay, because he wouldn’t want you to stay in his parents house or his dirty apartment. You can also enjoy the activities you used to do in your younger age, without getting judged.
  8. Freedom. You can share the freedom that he is enjoying at the moment. This is perhaps one of the major advantages that you get for dating a young man. He will not resent you if you veer off your career path and choose to pursue your childhood dream. He will even support you for it.
  9. Freedom

Ultimately, you could be young again if you date a younger man.

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