6 Signs Your Marriage Is Coming To An End

Do you think you’re marriage is unraveling? Let Dr. Phil’s tell-tale signs tell you.Dr. Phil's

  1. There’s an imbalance in power and the effect usually is you lose yourself. Does your partner abuse you, manipulate you, or extort you? Why would you let someone treat you that way? OR to correctly put it, why would someone who loves you treat you that way?Lose Yourself
  2. Jealousy is a red flag. That’s because it’s a disguised need for control and power. If you find it very hard to trust your partner or vice versa, then that’s a dangerous sign you guys are heading for a marriage meltdown.Women Jealous
  3. Lying about money. Dr. Phil says “if you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” Lying about money challenges the very core marriage needs, and that’s trust.Lying About Money
  4. Inappropriately involving the in-laws. If you constantly involve your parents or your partner’s parents every time you have marital problems, you are disrespecting the boundaries and sanctity of your relationship.Parents
  5. Letting your kids drive a wedge between you and your partner. Always put the needs of your children ahead of yours. Stop fighting and screaming in front of the drive
  6. Ignoring your spouse’s needs for intimacy and sex. Intimacy is a priority. According to Dr. Phil your relationship inside the bedroom reflects the rest of your relationship. Be intimate. Bedroom Reflects

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