6 Things Only Un-confrontational People Understand

Confrontation is one of the most uncomfortable experiences in the world. There are those who are brave enough to face their problems or the people causing it. But there are those who simply would prefer going around it, and eat chocolate instead.

  1. Neutrality. People who hate confrontation prefer not to take a side. This way, they wont have any part of the anger and resentment from the other party should they lose. But they won’t reap the rewards either.Picture 1
  2. We need to talk. This is the most foreboding combination of words one can use. Even if it is about something positive, it will always sound like impending doom.Picture 2
  3. Send a messenger. Un-confrontational people would rather have someone else deliver the message than saying it themselves, personally or even on the phone.Picture 3
  4. Accept the wrong name. When someone says your name wrong, you’d accept it rather than correcting that person.Picture 4
  5. Have other outlets. If you are not happy with how someone else is treating you, it is better to listen to songs that talk about it than to confront that person.Picture 6
  6. Just do it. No matter how you evade confrontation, there will always be a time when it is absolutely necessary. Take a deep breath, jog in place, or do some stretching, and then go to the room where the person to confront awaits. Most of the time, you’ll find out that it is not so bad after all.Picture 5

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