7 Ways to Know You Have Found Your Soul Mate

Not everyone believes in this fairy tale, but there are a lot of people who still are looking for their soul mates and spend the rest of their lives doing so. Despite having cynical people who think that love has given up on the world, there are people who manage to really end up with their soul mates.

find-your-soul-mateHere are the easiest signs to see to know you have found your soul mate:

  1. Have you ever experienced simultaneously singing the same song at the same time with your partner? It seems like you were thinking about the same song unintentionally. This shows that you can communicate with each other even without talking.
  2. There is a feeling in your gut that just tells you he or she is the one. No, this is not lust or just the superficial attraction; this is something deeper and more cosmic.
  3. Yes, this list will only get cornier, but you will know you have found the one when you feel that electric sensation in the spine as you hold each other’s hand, even after the years.
  4. When you are open, honest, comfortable and vulnerable with the person, then you know you have found the one. Your partner must also feel the same way towards you.
  5. This is not “happily ever after” though. There will be trials and tribulations along the way, and soul mates survive these challenges. These challenges will even only make them stronger together as a couple.
  6. Each of you have your own separate and unique identities, but you still both face the world together as one.
  7. Even if you have been together for a long time, you still surprise each other by discovering something new about each other. You still explore the world together and experience new adventures as a couple.

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