7 ways to survive as a single mother

If it just doesn’t work out between you and your husband or boyfriend, you should get divorced. Separation could be the best solution even if you have a child. But the question is, will you survive being a single mother?

Here are 7 things you should do to survive being a single mom:

  1. It is normal to cry and mourn after you lose your partner. Mourning may take a year, a month, or even just a day. What’s important is, you get over him and you move forward for your child. Accept the pain, but learn from the experience.
  2. You should look for a motivation to keep you strong. This can be your friends, your family, and of course your child or children. You can also seek motivation from therapy, communities, or the church. You can even work out at the gym to avoid anxiety.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for people’s help. Accept the fact that you do not have superpowers. Be humble enough to ask for help.
  4. Connect with your kid as much as you can, but don’t try to be their best friend. Just try to find out how the separation is affecting them and let them know and feel that you will always be with them.
  5. After one year, you should start dating. There is nothing wrong with it. It means you have moved forward. You can also try online dating if you want.
  6. Make sure you handle the paperwork properly. You should be able to determine all the assets and liabilities that belong to you and your ex so that it will be easier to figure out how to split them.
  7. Be brave and strong enough to move forward, there are a lot of amazing things waiting to happen as a single mom. IF others were able to do it, so can you.

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