9 Major Causes of Marital Fights Most Couples Fail to Recognize

Marital communication is always the main reason couples blame for their arguments, quarrels, and break downs.

  1. People change. You can’t expect your partner to stay the same forever. Develop yourselves instead.
  2. Loneliness. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you won’t be lonely anymore. Don’t blame your partner when you get lonely.
  3. Shame. You have a shame baggage you have been carrying around ever since you were young. Don’t blame your partner when it surfaces at a later stage in your life.
  4. Ego. It used to be good. In Marriage, it is a wall. Break through it with humility.
  5. Blame game. Things won’t always be perfect. Don’t blame your partner for that.
  6. Empathy. Who should empathize first? Well, you should. If you do, your marriage will become so much better.
  7. Children first. Family should be first, and your partner is part of your family, not just your kids.Children first
  8. Power struggle. There is a never ending battle against who should prevail, unless one gives in.
  9. Attention. People are easily pulled by different temptation from all the readily available information given by all the evolution and advancements in the world. You should learn to meditate and focus on what really matters the most.

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