9 People Science Says will Most Likely Cheat on You

Love is blind. Otherwise you would know you’re dating a shady little liar. But according to our trusty friend, Science, you can now know if you’re dating a cheater or if that person will most likely cheat on you.

1. Tall guys. According to a study conducted by the website, guys who are 5’10 or taller would be twice as likely to cheat.hugging-tall

2. Rock N’ Roll fans. Still from the same website, survey tells that cheaters prefer rock music to any other genres.

3. Female teachers. A survey from reveals that teachers are typical cheaters. 

4. Blonde women. According to a survey by, 42 percent of female cheaters have blonde hair.

5. Twitter users. According to a research conducted by University of Missouri, people who tweet cheat. The more often a person uses Twitter, the more likely he or she will have an affair.

6. French people. The best lovers in the world, according to a survey done by the sex toy brand LELO, 75 percent of the French people who participated in the survey admitted to cheating.dujardin_legs

7. I.T. guys. Still according to, IT guys are sneaky.

8. Shopaholics. Serious shoppers are adulterous according to a survey by Their preferred brand is Banana Republic.

9. A guy named Wayne. A study conducted on 2,000 women revealed that the name “Wayne” is the name you should not trust when it comes to love.2989466-0409894262-Bale-

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