Know the Optimal Age Difference for A Long-lasting Relationship

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Last Updated: May 29, 2017

People commonly say that love is blind. Others say that age is just a number. However, studies show that age gap can ascertain the longevity of a relationship. There are also other clichés like ‘the heart wants what to heart wants’ and tries to suggest that it is almost impossible to help who you fall in love with.

Does Age Count?

In this century, dating someone older or younger than you raises eyebrows. There is a practical case of the newly-elected president of France, Emmanuel Macron, aged 39. He has married a wife aged 64. Speaking about their age difference of 25 years, Macron, said that there was an international obsession of their relationship about their age gap. He said that if he is older than his wife by 20 years, then there will be no issue. Since there is a wide age difference between them most people think that it can’t work. However, there are exceptions to such a rule since studies show that various age gaps can end in tears.

In many weddings, it is normal to hear guests remark that the marriage won’t last. It might be something unpleasant to hear, especially on a special day for your loved ones. It is important to learn and realize why people think that marriage won’t go far. Some of the reasons that make them think so is because the couples are not the right for each other. Or there is dislike for any one of them. The age gap is what most people point at.

What’s The Ideal Age Gap?

The Ideal Age Gap
In reference to a new survey, the ideal age gap is when the husband is 4 years and four months older than the wife. According to a dating age formula, for you to know the age of your spouse, take your age and subtract 7. Multiply the answer by two to obtain the maximum age of the partner you should date. Finally, do the inverse of the digits you get. That is the ideal age you should marry. What is interesting about the formula is that it can give an 18 years range to choose from.

Another attention grabbing tidbit about the same research is that across the board, women feel that it is the husband who should be older than the wife. It is astonishing that 55% of women need a partner to help them pay their bills. This is much easier for men 4 years more advanced in career.


According to documented reports, couples with an age difference of five years are 18% more likely to separate as opposed to those in relationship with spouses of the same age. Couples with 20 years and above age difference between them showed that there are 95% more to break up. This research recommends that dating someone within the same age is the best. Such a relationship can last longer. It furthers says that marrying somebody of your age there are only 3% chances ofseparation.

This research also discovered that having levels of education that are different contributes to 43% more chance of separation. Bearing children when in marriage reduces the chances to split up by 76%. It is more likely for partners who are older or younger to indulge in behaviors that may ruin the relationship. But an age gap of just a year there are more chances of staying together forever. The idea behind the cause of separations among the couples with wide age difference is; difference in lifestyles, interests, and long-term goals between the couples among others.

Money Matters

If dating and money goes hand in hand, can increasing the wages of women result in a reduction of an age discrepancy? Can women feel comfortable dating younger men? And it is always said that it is men who needs to provide. Women should be nurtured. Biologically, it is easier for men to date younger women. A man who is about 38 years old will have no reservations to date a woman aged 26 years.

A research from Emory University in Atlanta found that there is a correlation between couples age difference and the chances of separation. For couples who have an age difference of 10 years, there is 39% more chance to break up than those in relationships with a spouse of the same age. The findings from 3,000 participants, researcher found out that the wider the age gap, the higher the chances of separation.


It does not matter if you and your spouse have totally different cultural experiences and differences. In a marriage or a relationship what matters is to understand each other beyond your age difference. It matters little when the husband is older than the wife or vise-versa. What is of importance between both of them is equality. The couples should be equal in all aspects and maintain self-esteem always.

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