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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Like water is to a plant; intimacy is a necessity for marriage. Physical intimacy is a natural way to grow your marriage. Relationships thrive on recreational activities, mutual respect, intellectual, and emotional intimacy. Over a period, the absence of physical intimacy leading to sex in any marital union will degenerate the relationship. One or both partners of a sexless marriage might have lost their desire for sex because of low libido.

This situation will lead to sex deprivation, loss of intimacy, trust, and marital challenges. However, factors like; aging, hormonal changes, illness, psychological, medication, and physiological issues have been known to reduce the levels of marital intimacy. Nearly everyone in a relationship desires physical intimacy marriage because it brings happiness.

But when couples experience lack of sex in a relationship, expert advice is needed to restore the union. It doesn’t mean that it’s a loveless marriage when couples engage in less sex. However, it is important to fulfill the sexual drive of your partner through intimacy. There are effective male enhancement pills for people experiencing sexless marriages because of with low sexual drive. From virectin reviews available online victims of premature ejaculation have restored their confidence by using dietary supplements.

How to Survive a Sexless Marriage?

Sexless relationship effects are largely undesirable; surviving this anomaly starts with articulate your sexual desires. Typically, communication is a two-way tool that restores peace in any relationship. A sensitive touch, quality time, or showers of luxury gifts can hardly substitute for sex. When a partner doesn’t feel loved in a sexless marriage; it must be communicated loud and clear because relationships thrive on a foundation of oneness.

Some partners feel shy to discuss the effect of sex deprivation. Without honesty, your marriage might not thrive; issues about intimacy must be dealt with at the early stage of building trust and love. According to experts; nearly forty-three percent of women and over thirty percent of men in a sexless marriage are victims of sexual dysfunction. However, most couples shy away from this subject because they lack treatment or therapeutic options.

Fortunately, interventions to their challenges are available when they visit a sex therapist or their doctors. Living in a sexless marriage is a big concern for couples that previously enjoyed quality sex. It’s common to find people with inactive sex drives when their partners go out of shape. Being unattractive reduces the normal bedroom romp, and causes embarrassment. When you do not feel sexy anymore; it’s advisable to prevent the feeling of low sex drive in your partner by bouncing back to sexy shape. A sexual partner that’s obese can reduce the size of daily meals, shed a few pounds and regain fitness to boost their partner’s sex drive.

What to do in a sexless marriage

Some people only uphold the rule of sex after marriage as a personal belief of chastity. They prefer to keep the bedroom romp for their partners in marriage and not out of wedlock. It’s heartbreaking when they discover a loss of intimacy has led to a sexless marriage. Without delay, they should visit a marriage counselor to resolve their sexless marriage and affairs.
Diagnosing the underlying factors of a sexless marriage should be done together with your spouse. Sexual inhibition can result from emotional, hormonal imbalance, physical and drug abuse. At an early stage of a sexless marriage; an indirect communication of expressing the challenge is usually a slow path to recovery.

How to fix a sexless marriage

When you become a victim of a sexless marriage, it’s not strange to ask; marriage without sex can it work? It’s strange to find couples having a thriving marriage without intimacy. Like a pack of cards, a sexless marriage struggles to withstand the turbulence of that comes with lack of intimacy. Being in a sexless marriage is not what couples desire. However, when they find themselves in one, fixing it becomes the next reasonable step to take.

It’s common to find sex problems in a marriage, but any marriage without sex leads to extramarital affairs or divorce. The initial step in fixing a sexless marriage is to stay on the same page with your spouse. Generally, Psychotherapists advise couples to shift the burden of tension from their partners to the issues. This practice can ease the pressure that comes from a sexless marriage, and make the desired relief a focus.

Can a marriage survive without sex?

In modern times, it’s practically impossible for a marriage to survive without sex. Nobody dislikes affection or a show of love; perhaps people might be bored their love lives. They might have decided to abstain from sex with their marital partners for some reasons. It’s unconventional to introduce a third party in sexual intercourse that happens in marriages. However, people that indulge in threesome sexual activities with their marriage partners see it as a way to avoid extra-marital affairs. Sometimes in marriage, what seems absurd gradually becomes a fantasy for couples to indulge. There is a primal need for sex; it’s impossible for a marriage to survive without sex. Intimacy makes two heart grow fonder and closer. However, marriages that lack intimacy, and emotions will not last.

What is a sexless marriage?

A sexless marriage is a legal relationship between two people that are not having sexual intercourse. Sexless marriages deny the minds and bodies of couples from the natural act of intimacy. It sounds odd, but there are people around the world are in sexless marriages. Most couples in a sexless marriage subscribe to open marriages. That’s because they can sexually indulge with other partners. These third-party partners are outside their marital relationship.

It’s common to find couples that have given birth, living in the same house and not sexually interested in themselves. The open marriage practice is becoming a norm in developed societies. In some parts, couples extend their emotional bonds to third parties without being separated. According to Psychotherapists; nearly one in five married couples will experience a low-sex drive leading to a sexless marriage. A low sexual activity (like once in six months) amongst married couples can be considered as a sexless marriage. Even when experts advise that people shouldn’t develop stress over sex, they’ve not said it mustn’t be enjoyed. Sexually active people with weak libidos also experience mood swings and low self-esteem. But with professional help, they can regain the romp with your sexual partners again.

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