Best Ways To Console A Suicidal Friend

There are a lot of people that are contemplating suicide and they usually keep it to themselves because they don’t like how other people react. Some people keep silent, others ask why, change the subject, make jokes, and others try to change their mind by saying, “don’t kill yourself because you are a wonderful person.”

Here are the best things you can do for your suicidal friend:

  1. Show them you understand their incomprehensible pain by saying you are worried about them.worried-girl-comforted-by-a-friend
  2. Ask them if they are seeing a therapist, but make sure you make them feel you are there for them.tumblr_n1zz4j2p1I1se6bo9o1_500
  3. You don’t even have to talk a lot; you just have to hang out with that friend.StartUp-FASHION-Becoming-your-customers-best-friend
  4. Bring them something thoughtful, like one of their favorite food that will boost their self-worth somehow.slider3
  5. Be the first to reach out to your
  6. Don’t say these exact words, “I know how it feels like,” because you don’t.a_teenage_girl_comforting_her_friend_lv01400101
  7. Yes, you don’t want them to die, but it would really help if you tell them that.Talking-friends-What-to-Do-When-Your-Best-Friend-is-Sad
  8. Just say, “I don’t know what to say,” that mumbling a lot of gibberish that just might worsen the situation.

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