Couple Dies On Same Day After 62 Years Of Marriage

Every girl wants Ryan Gosling as their partner after seeing The Notebook, and it seems like for one particular couple, that love story came true. Don and Maxine Simpson of Bakersfield, California died on the same day just a few hours apart after 62 years of being married.donmaxine470+1

The couple’s love story

Don was a civil engineer who came from North Dakota, while Maxine was a local of Bakersfield. The two met while they were bowling. They got married just a few years after that. The couple adopted two sons. Don and Maxine were also active in local organizations including the Rotary Club. But the couple never failed to find time to travel together. Families and friends of the couple said they were simply inseparable over the decades that they have been married.

The couple’s granddaughter Melissa Sloan said all Don ever wanted was to be with his wife and that he loved her to the end of the Earth.married-couple-62-years-dies-4-hours

How they died

Maxine was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and the condition quickly got worse. When Don broke his hip in July after a bad fall, their granddaughters brought them to stay in the same room in their home. Their beds were positioned side by side. The couple’s last weeks were spent together looking at family photos while holding each other’s hands.rs_560x374-140804125556-1024-2don-maxine-simpson

The family expected that Don and Maxine might die at the same time, which is a phenomenon explained by recent scientific studies. According to the American Heart Association, a person can really die due to a broken heart.

Its turns out that the family was correct, with Maxine dying first and Don followed after four hours while holding hands. Don died while the family was taking his wife away.

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