Dating Rules You REALLY Shouldn’t Follow

The norms of the society have put up rules on almost everything, even dating. There are dating rules and regulations created by society that you shouldn’t follow. These rules promise that if you follow them, you will find your soul mate or the perfect love of your life. However, some of these rules are actually the major reasons why relationships fall apart in the first place.

Here are dating rules you shouldn’t adhere to:

Three dates before sexual intimacy rule. You don’t necessarily have to follow this rule anymore. Most people need to have the feeling of emotional intimacy with a date before engaging to sexual intimacy. The problem with this rule is, sometimes, three days is not enough to achieve emotional intimacy. Some may develop emotional intimacy quick, while others need a longer period of time. When it comes to sexual intimacy, don’t follow a rigid three-day rule. Treat each date differently.

Don’t be the first to show emotions rule. Not saying, “I love you” first used to be an important rule of the game. It can save you from rejection and pain. However, showing vulnerability in a relationship is important, because it can lead to honesty. It will tell you where your relationship really stands.

Never talk about your ex rule. It is good not to talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. But if the topic comes up, make sure you tell your date the real deal. Owe up to how your past relationship didn’t work out and don’t say bad things about your ex.

Be fun and silly rule. Boys are programmed by magazines and TV shows to see ditzy women as more attractive. Women are pressured to be giggly, light, and easy to adhere to these standards. However, this makes women pretend to be someone they are not. If you pretend to be a giggly and silly girl just to have companionship, even if you are actually the serious type, you will have a lot of honesty problems with your relationship in the long run.

Show a mysterious persona rule. Women are intoxicated by mysterious man. They will be challenged to win that man and make him open up. However, men usually don’t open up. That mysteriousness is just a superficial feature. You will find it hard to develop a good relationship with this “mysterious” type man.

Don’t go all out with your crazy personality rule. If you have psychological issues, don’t be afraid to bare it. If your date is good with it and your companionship lasts a long time, then you can build a strong relationship with him or her.

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