Eloping the right way

If you are a maverick and you value spontaneity with your partner, you can elope as an alternative to the traditional marriage ceremonies. If you want to ditch all the pressure of preparing for a grand wedding, you can elope with just you, your partner, and a picture of your loving faces as proof of your marriage. However, this is not that easy. 

Here are some things you must consider if you plan to elope with your partner:

Learn the process of getting a marriage license

Before choosing where to elope, first learn about the processes you have to go through to get a marriage license in that area. There are areas that have restrictions like minimum number of witnesses and waiting periods. Some of the most common requirements to get your marriage certificate are birth certificates, divorce decrees, passports, etc.


Think about the people you want to invite. Find out if the location where you will elope is accessible to the people you plan to invite. Maybe the location is too far, and travelling there would be a constraint to their jobs or their physical conditions. 

Let the hotel or resort assist, but inquire

You can ask the hotel or the resort you will elope in to assist you with organizing the wedding. They specialize in these ceremonies and the rest of the preparations involved. Make sure you ask them the right questions first so that you can determine who their wedding item providers are or if there are hidden fees.

Prepare for a different pace

In the US, you may be used to a fast paced life, but you may be surprised by the slow and mellow pace of other countries’ lifestyles. It may take a little longer for other countries to release your marriage certificate or there may be a different process for their wedding preparation. You should be prepared for this.

Bring home the celebration

Even though the wedding ceremony is done, be generous enough to still throw a party at home so that your family and friends who weren’t able to attend can still enjoy the celebration.

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