Fonts That Define Your Personality

British designer Sarah Hyndman who is an expert in typography found out through her research that people’s taste in fonts in food can determine their personality and even their love lives.

  1. Burlingame. This has a jelly-like feel.140911162320-edible-monotype-fonts-vertical-gallery
  2. Baskerville. Designed in 1757, when tea became very popular. The history of the font can influence people’s perception of it.140911162706-edible-baskerville-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  3. Helvetica. It is un-flashy, but very functional. It is conventional and neutral.140911162933-edible-helvetica-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  4. Comic Sans. Novelty, friendly and comedian are just some of the words to describe it.140911162808-edible-comic-sans-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  5. Gill Sans. The words associated with it are credible and authoritative.140911163037-luckybags-edible-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  6. Times New Roman. It is considered intellectual, neutral and conventional.140911180416-times-fonts-horizontal-gallery

Hyndman presented in culinary terms the top 10 world’s most valuable brands in Forbes list. This will show how each font shows a unique personality.

  1. Nokia. Hearty sandwiches with confidence and precision in each thick sliced.140911175125-nokia-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  2. Google. Presented as sweet iced gem biscuits made for the kids.140911175518-google-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  3. CNN. The round shape of the “Cs” provides a delicious depth of texture.140911175430-cnn-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  4. IBM. It has soft minty layers and a satisfying crunch.140911175635-ibm-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  5. Disney. Its free flowing letters must be sweet for the children.140911175645-disney-store-fonts-horizontal-gallery
  6. McDonald’s. Made out of melted cheese.140911174709-mcdonalds-fonts-horizontal-gallery

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