These 13 Hidden Ways Will Help You Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating

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Last Updated: May 23, 2017

How can you notice if your partner affair has become easier like never before? Emails, text messages and credit card accounts make the cheating spouse with an electronic account stream a gigabyte long. There are distinctive betraying signs like food interests, purchase of various commodities, and weight loss among others. However, if your affair radar is strong, you will notice the following no conspicuous indicators that can explicitly raise your eyebrows.

1. Changing Things Altogether

Changing instantly the way he/she does things is a good suggestion that there is cheating by a spouse. For example, if the partner every evening comes home, walks the dog and asks about the dinner. Now, the habit has changed. He/she wants a shower once he gets home. Pours himself/herself scotch when it is only set aside for weekends.

2. An Affair Not A Big Issue

If you report about your best friend’s affair to him/her and appears not to be dismayed but instead becomes defensive. Supporting cheating by the spouse suggests that he/she is already on it. Statements like ‘it is life to have affairs’ or ‘those who cheat are not happy in their marriages’ can suggest the partner is cheating.

3. Date Nights Replaced By New Guys

Date Nights Replaced By New Guys
Date nights are common in a marriage. Therefore, when you no longer have date nights with your partner possibly they have with someone else. Experienced cheaters tend to keep the date nights, but end it prematurely. This is because they want to create time to have another date night with someone and is another way you will know your partner is cheating.

4. No Longer Wants You To Do Laundry

If your partner won’t let you do his or her laundry, it is a cheating sign already. The reason behind this is that there might be evidence in the pockets or clothes and it would be safer for the one cheating to do their own washing and dry cleaning. It might appear the spouse is doing a favor since it is more about keeping a secret.

5. If Finds A Strange Credit Card

If it happens that you find a credit card which is in your partner’s name and you don’t know about it, then it suggests a cheating. Mostly, couples would have joint financial accounts. They also share information about the finances of the family. Before a big purchase is done there are considerations of the budget and discussions about spending. If it is not a work credit card which you are aware of, then it is fast evidence a spouse is cheating.

6. When Too Cool About The Cell Phone

When Too Cool About The Cell Phone
Partners who suspect that there is an affair will instantaneously ask to get their phones to scroll text messages and calls. If he/she allows having an easy access, don’t be fooled they might have another phone.

7. Change Passwords

If you notice your partner is more frequently changing the social media, email, cell phone and computer passwords more than normal,they may be trying to hide something. In some cases, their cell phones had no passwords but all of a sudden that changes. When you ask for the passwords they will decline to give you or type in private that is a red flag alert and something is wrong. In marriages, password should be shared.

8. Increase In Gifts

Unfaithful partners will regularly try to cover the guilt with sprees of gifts. Some gifts are completely unrelated like birthday gifts when it is not your birthday. This means that they are guilty and they are trying to compensate something. If you are astonished by the number of gifts and attention you are receiving, you can find the motive behind that.

9. Marriage Turns Sexless

Marriage Turns Sexless
If your partner does not want to make love anymore or more less than before, it may mean many things including that he or she is cheating. They might give excuses like financial stress, health issues or job conditions. Whichever the reasons let them know you have noticed it and try to rekindle it.

10. Clears History

It will be a big sign of unfaithfulness if your spouse regularly clears the computer and cell phone history. They may say that they are doing this for security reasons, but it is more like because they want to hide and cover their tracks.

11. Extra Costs Increase

If at the end of the month you are somehow tighter on money more than usual, try to find where the extra money is going. The unfaithful partners will try to make it hard to trail where they have spent the money.
Extra Costs Increase

12. Blames You For Everything

The unfaithful husbands and wives are quarrelsome. They will try to find a way to make you feel lousy by blaming you for everything, and it will not matter whether the cause of the blame happened at home or at workplace.

13. Change In Physical Appearance

You should be concerned with your spouse’s new desire to be physically attractive. People tend to take extra care by managing their outward appearance when looking for an adventure or new relationships. However, this is not conclusive that your spouse is cheating. Perhaps they want to look professional for work.

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It is heart-wrenching to see marriages break up after spouses discover their partners have been unfaithful and selfish. It is an awful experience and by following the tips above it is easy to catch a cheater before it becomes too late.

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